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How to Count WBC Normal Range? December 11, 2016

Want to know about how WBC normal range works in your body? Here you will find all answers to your queries related to your topic.

What is WBC?

WBC means white blood cells they are also called leukocytes and are an important part of our immune system. These cells help to fight infections by the viruses, germs, and viruses that invade the body. White blood cells also originate in the bone marrow, and circulate throughout the bloodstream.

How to Count WBC Normal Range

How to count a WBC range?

Doctors who give order for a complete blood count and your WBC during an annual physical examination, Doctor also may recommend you to check your WBC routine range if you complain of having fever, aches, chills, or headaches. The true purpose of WBC is to detect the hidden infections within your body and alert doctors to undiagnosed you medical conditions, like, autoimmune disease, immune dysfunctions, and blood disorder. These tests also help doctors to the monitor the effectiveness of radiation treatment in some cancer patients as well.

Preparing for the test?

A WBC count requires not any specific preparations. You just have to get an appointment and meet your doctor on the schedule date at a local laboratory. Some medication can interfere with your lab results and increase or lower your WBC count.

How the test is performed?

Most of the time the blood is drawn from a vein that is located on the inside of the elbow or from the back of the head, however, in the children condition there is a sharp tool used called lancet to puncture the skin. The blood collects in a small glass tube of a pipette, or in a test strip. A bandage is put on the spot to stop the bleeding.

Is it necessary to have the test?

Yes, in many cases it is necessary to have test. You will have test to find out how many WBC’s you have in your body. For those of you who don’t know that your body produces more WBC’s when you have an allergic reaction or an infection. You can also have more WBC’s when you are in under stress.

The meaning of having Normal Results

To find out about WBC range is to have normal number of WBC’s in your blood. This is 4,500 to 10,000 per micro liter white blood cells. Normal value range may be very slightly different but in some laboratories uses different specimens. The result shows the common measurement for the results when you have tests.

These are some of the real facts about how to check WBC routine range in your body. After all it is all about your health conditions to find how you can increase or lower the developments of white blood cells in your body. You can also control it by quitting some infected things like smoking and other nicotine filled stuff that can burn your tissues and damaged them. For more information and latest news and updates keep visiting our website.


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